Saturday, November 20, 2010

How to change the power steering pump on a dodge dakota?

first things first if you have never changed one before or have the help of someone who has don't even try,special tool to pull and press the pully off and on the pump is needed,also a little skill and a fair amount of know how is needed,but if you want to try I'll try to explain, you have to remove the belt undo the power steering hoses from the pump,pully removing tool is placed onto the front of the pully use wrenches to tighting the bolt in the middle of the tool till pully comes off very tight area to work in not fun at all,after pully is off remove the bolts behind the pully remove the pump,do everything in reverse to install the old pully has to be pressed onto the new pump and a special press is used to do this most power steering pumps come with a press to install the pully,but you will need to find a puller on your own.I hope this helps you,good luck!How to change the power steering pump on a dodge dakota?
A remanufactured power steering pump without a new fluid reservoir costs about $38, with a new reservoir it costs about $48. Here is a photo of the 1998 Dakota power steering pump:

The special tools for removing and installing the pump pulley are available at most local tool rental stores.