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2000 Ford Windstar 3.8L (bearing shot.. somewhere among 7 pulleys)?

How much play might a power steering pump pulley have?

I changed the belt and idler pulley(no change). The sound I hearing can get too loud at times to isolate the bad bearing. Serpentine drives: Crank, water pump, alternator, power steering, idler, and tensioning idler. Any ideas?2000 Ford Windstar 3.8L (bearing shot.. somewhere among 7 pulleys)?
i would get a can of wd40 and spray each one and listen for the noise to stop2000 Ford Windstar 3.8L (bearing shot.. somewhere among 7 pulleys)?
take the belt off and check each pulley for play and spin the p/s a/c idler and tensioner. you should be able to tell which one is the problem. most likeky the idler or tensioner2000 Ford Windstar 3.8L (bearing shot.. somewhere among 7 pulleys)?
I have seen the cam synchronizer go bad and thought it was a pulley problem. it sounded like the noise was right there at the belt. this was also a 2000 windstar w/3.8. good luck.

JEEP YJ 4.2 -1988 - ENGINE question?

I just got almost for free Jeep 1988 4.2 . Did not run . I started changed fluids , oil etc , and engine is knocking like woodpicker .

To me soung like broken lifter ( my friends have same opinion ).

I know I shoud change camshaft and lifters . My question is -

-do I need remove engine head to do this job?

-maybe better idea is to buy another engine from junk-yard instal , use for while and in same time rebiuld this knocking ? -Any idea how much cost used complite engine -some links?

-how about remanufactired engines -avaliable on line for about $1400 ? -Are they OK -is it good price ?

I never had Jeep before , I like this vehicycle a lot , I would brigh this vehicycle to life again .

I know how to do most job , I just need good advices .

I will be happy if someone will give me some links about problem above , some advices .

How much will cost me to buy all parts needed to rebiuld engine by myself ?

Another problem with Jeep. I have automatic transmition -is OK-but when I stop on red light many times engine dies . Normal RPM is about 600 as should be . I did not do tune-up yet . Maybe is needed .

What is your opinion about this problem ?

Maybe I need change fuel pump ? Or maybe is some adjustment on this pump ?

And last question , power stering . When engine is warm , power steering does not work as good as when is cold . Is there some adjastment on power steering pump ?

Any help is needed . Thank you .JEEP YJ 4.2 -1988 - ENGINE question?
Sounds to me like you might have a cracked flex-plate which can simulate the exact same noise as a lower engine knock. This could also be causing you transmission problem i would remove the inspection cover on the transmission bell housing spiflex-platexplate around and check for any cracks. On the power steering issue sounds like the fluid is reaching its boiling point after it warms up which it could be contaminated with water or something since it hasent been running. I would recommend draining the fluid and refilling it and also add some lucas power steering fluid and see what happens.JEEP YJ 4.2 -1988 - ENGINE question?

For your power steering, any adjustment would be on the steering box

And I think your rpm`s should be up to about 850. For the knock, put in two qt/liter of transition fluid in the oil. (Take out about 2 qt) It is

mostly detergent and may clean the lifters. Its worth a try ! And leave

it in for a few days.

1987 Toyota Celica GT?

I'm looking for my first car, and I found a 1987 Toyota Celica GT 5 speed for $700 OBO.

The body is in pretty good shape, but the owner says it needs a tune up, oil change, and possibly a power steering pump.

It also has no radio.

The price of the car is not on KBB or Edmunds since it is older that 1990, how much would be a good offer to make on this car and how much do you expect the repairs to cost?1987 Toyota Celica GT?
Buy a newer car between 1998 and 2004. I Woudnt buy something from the 80's. Also, because of all the repairs it needs.

Do you know the buyer? He could just be selling it to you to get it off his hands and it dosent work and is mice infested.1987 Toyota Celica GT?
you should offer about 300 dollars because you are looking at at least 600 dollars in repairs.

its not a good deal.1987 Toyota Celica GT?
650$ and the repairs will cost about 120$1987 Toyota Celica GT?
Make certain the headlight doors open. Make sure it drives straight, doesn't overheat, and that there's no clicking sound when turning.

The 3S-FE is a pretty dayum reliable engine. If it's not belching smoke and all the above stuff works, $700 is an okay price. I'd offer $500 but have the extra 2 $100 bills in my pocket in case he refuses.

How to reinstall the serpantine belt on a 1998 chevy s10 blazer 6cyl 4.3L 4x4?

im changing the water pump cannot seem to get the belt tight i have tried every possible way its the same belt that came off only one belt runs everything the altenator is on top pass side A/C comp top driver side Power Steering pump below A/C tensioner below Altenator belt runs you can also email your answer to battlegroundpb@yahoo.comHow to reinstall the serpantine belt on a 1998 chevy s10 blazer 6cyl 4.3L 4x4?
I ran into that same problem on a p-chassis 4.3L it was like I was in the twilight zone or stuff. It didn't have a belt routing sticker in the engine bay but I think yours should, mabey look for it on the fan shroud thats laying on the ground.

How urgent is replacing my brake pads at 15%? I have a 2002 Subaru Forrester. Where do you recommend I go?

My local Subaru dealer, upon doing my oil change (I'm at 72,000 miles) recommends 1,500 worth of repair including replacing the brake pads (I believe it), the power steering pump and the starter. I want a second opinion. I'm in Seattle/Lynnwood. Money is tight but I do want to be safe.How urgent is replacing my brake pads at 15%? I have a 2002 Subaru Forrester. Where do you recommend I go?
If money is tight, this is what I would recommend. Front brake pad are fairly easy to replace. If your not comfortable doing something like this, maybe a friend or relative could help. New pads only cost around $40 and its a 30 min job. Or take it to a local garage that has a good reputation. The dealer is usually the most expensive. What did they say about the power steering pump, is it just leaking a little? Try some stop leak first if that's the case. In most cases the pump will make a lot of noise before it goes out. Have an independent garage check it out first.

The starter will not be a safety issue. If it goes out you won't be able to start you car. Also a good independent garage could put in a rebuilt starter and save you some money.How urgent is replacing my brake pads at 15%? I have a 2002 Subaru Forrester. Where do you recommend I go?
Well, here, lets put it in a really easy to understand situation.

You like stopping your vehicle. It keeps you safe and alive.

Currently, your stopping ability, the ability that stops you from dying, or killing others, is down to only 15%.

Now, given that, do you really want to just put off the repairs? Is it urgent? I would think, for any logical person, that there's no question about it. Go get it fixed.

Power steering? Same thing. If you enjoy the ability to turn your car with any sort of reliability, get it fixed.How urgent is replacing my brake pads at 15%? I have a 2002 Subaru Forrester. Where do you recommend I go?
Les schwab!!How urgent is replacing my brake pads at 15%? I have a 2002 Subaru Forrester. Where do you recommend I go?
Go to and do a search on %26quot;Find Mechanic%26quot;. Click on the link that contains %26quot;Mechan-X Files%26quot;. Enter in your zip code to find a mechanic in your area. Mechanics are only referred by their customers. Read the mechanic's reviews and comments. If you have some time, listen to the car talk radio program on NPR. Best of luck.
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  • 1977 Ford F150 starting problems.. And other Misc. questions?

    We have had this truck for a little over 2 years. Not driven it much... But have changed out the fuel tank for a brand new one, replaced the radiator with a better one (not new, but used) and have now just changed the power steering pump yesterday.

    My husband isn't really mechanically inclined when it comes to his truck yet.. but he's willing to learn! We got a chiltons manual (if thats how its spelled...) but he has lost it this last year.

    We have been having 1 new problem with the truck that we've never had before.. It has ALWAYS started up on a dime. Easily.. no problems.

    My husband recently drove it home about 80 miles the other day with it overheating every 20 minutes or so... (powersteering pump was out, so the belt wasn't attached to the fan to cool the engine/radiator) It got home fine..

    Now when he went and installed the powersteering pump, it wouldn't start. It turned and turned, but wouldn't fire. The spark plugs were changed out 2 years ago..

    We got it going by bypassing the solenoid... (he also tried charging the battery at the same time by jumping it with our van, so now I'm confused as to what made it start...)

    We hot wired it, basically and got it started.

    Let it run for about 20 minutes, and it was just fine! Drove it around the block no problem.

    BUT- after her turned it off, I told him to try to start it up with the key again.... and it started right up without the bypassing of the solenoid...WTF?

    Do you think the solenoid is going out..?? I told him he shouldnt have tried jumping the truck battery AND bypass the solenoid starting at the same time... because now we don't know if it was the battery, or the solenoid.

    ANY OPINIONS!??? We don't have any additional money to bring the thing into the shop right now, and would like to do any fixing on our own.

    OH YEAH.. and the wiring is crapily done. It could be something with that as well.. Im really not sure where HALF of the wires go in this thing. It's so badly done..1977 Ford F150 starting problems.. And other Misc. questions?
    My assumption from afar is the battery was low.

    If the truck starts easily, measure the voltage across the battery when you crank it and when it starts. The cranking volts should be higher than 9 volts and the running volts should be higher than 13.5 volts.

    If it isn't starting very well or at all with the key, but does bypassing the solenoid, the small wire on the solenoid should have battery voltage when the key is in the start position. If it does, solenoid is probably bad.1977 Ford F150 starting problems.. And other Misc. questions?
    Connected to your starter solinoid, on the passenger side inner fender is a small black wire, that has a lumo on it (fusable link) This wire under the lump can be and probably is corroded. change this wire, will probably fix the problem.1977 Ford F150 starting problems.. And other Misc. questions?
    you need to throw the chiltons manual in the garbage,get either a motors or haynes.

    then replace the battery.

    for the wiring, go to alldata.com1977 Ford F150 starting problems.. And other Misc. questions?
    this is easy clean your battery cables and your solenoid connections that should do it but just make sure you put everything back on the way it came dirty connections cause alot of resistance so cleaning them should do it

    2 Automotive Questions?

    I have 2 Questions- Number one is what would be a likely cause of a slow oil leak? about once every week and a half or 2 weeks i have to put a quart in, or the engine starts knocking. I was thinking it could be the valve cover gasket, but i just wanted a second opinion

    Number two- How difficult is it to replace a power steering pump and reservoir? The car is an 89 Grand prix. I have a fair amount of automotive ability, but i don't claim to be an expert by any means. I feel like i should be capable of changing the power steering pump, because i can't imagine that there's a whole lot too it, But i just want to make sure of what im getting into before i start ripping parts off of my car haha. So if someone can please tell me what all is involved in power steering pump replacement, i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks! 2 Automotive Questions?
    Question 1. depending on which engine you have it could be the valve cover/covers gaskets or the intake on the 3.1 engine which is very common.

    Question 2. Same as before it depends on the engine size but both are not that hard to change out but you will need a power steering pump pulley remover, the installer comes with the rebuilt pump.